About Imaculum

Created By Photographers For Photographers

Imaculum is easy to use software which organises your event photography workflow and turns your images into new sales opportunities within seconds.

You'll be able to:

  • Share your images in real-time with a captive audience
  • Use face recognition technology so that your customers are taken directly to their images making it easy for them to view, compare and immediately buy their favourites.
  • Automate your sales process from image display to image print. No more dragging and selecting of files, and writing down favourite image file names on pieces of paper.

You'll experience:

  • Low monthly fee
  • No tie in contract, just pay when you need the service
  • More time for you and your staff. Imaculum automates event photography workflows from display to print.

We believe in delivering products that are bursting with quality and thought. As event photographers ourselves we know many of the problems encountered by photographers on a regular basis.

To try out a free trial of Imaculum, click the Trial Imaculum link below.


Benefits & Features



Imaculum handles your event workflow from image import to final print. This increases efficiency and reduces errors.

Boost Revenue

Imaculum simplifies taking orders and printing on the day. Sales from on-site printing can now augment online sales.

Checkout Till

Immaculum can operate with more than one checkout till and sales assistant, invaluable at a busy event!


Imaculum automates all file handling, customer order and data handling, and order fulfilment.

Device Friendly

Imaculum works on desktops, laptops and tablets running Windows.

Pay As You Go

No contract. No high up front purchase cost. Simply pay only for the month(s) when you need to use Imaculum.


Add your own logo to the interface so your customers see your branding.

Image Search

Search using face recognition, text, or folder names, Imaculum enables your customers to find their photos quickly and easily.

Viewing Screens

Eliminate queues for your customers. Imaculum displays your images across multiple screens.

Folder Levels

Imaculum allows you to use multiple folder levels to organise the images during an event.

Barcode Scanning

Imaculum can automatically read QR codes. Scan the QR card at the Viewing Screen to view all associated photos.

Photographer Friendly

Imaculum is easy to set up, freeing you to capture and sell photos with ease.

Customer Friendly

Imaculum has been designed from the ground up for touch screens. Mouse input is also supported for non-touch monitors.


Imaculum is hugely customisable to meet the specific needs of an event.

Where Can I Use Imaculum?

Imaculum Is An Event Photographer's Shop Window

For your customers to purchase images, they must be able to view the photos you've captured of them. Imaculum displays your images to your customers - it is your shop window.

Imaculum can be used at:

  • Proms
  • Black Tie Balls
  • Charity Events
  • Santa Grottos (Shopping Mall Santa Photos)
  • Christmas Parties
  • Family Farm Parks
  • Equestrian Events
  • Dog Sports - Flyball and Dog Agility
  • Holiday Resorts
  • Weddings
  • Newborn & Toddler Photo Shoots
  • School, College & University Events
  • Football and Rugby Competions
  • Martial Arts Competitions
  • And many, many more...

Imaculum has been designed to be flexible and scalable to meet your needs. The application can be configured to work in different ways depending on the requirements of a particular event.


Steve Cave,
Cave Studios

Imaculum allows customers to find their images and place their order without the need of my undivided attention, allowing me to keep shooting - which is great!

The ability to print instantly for customers is amazing, customers can’t get enough of it and that’s exactly why Immaculum is the perfect tool!

Victor Ling,
Barkers Media

Imaculum generates a buzz. Just advertising that you have face recognition software immediately intrigues people and they WANT to try it out to find their photos.

One of the best features is that you can quickly remove a photo that a customer doesn't like. The fact that you can quickly and easily stop that photo from being displayed is superb.


No Contract

You remain in control. You choose how many licences you need per month and adjust your account accordingly.

You have a period of time with no events? No worries, just cancel your licence and pay nothing at all until you next need to use Imaculum!


One Simple Price

1 licence costs £22 per month, and allows use of Imaculum on up to 3 computers.

Have a large event coming up and need to use Imaculum on more than 3 computers? Pay an additional £22 to gain a second licence and use of Imaculum on 3 more computers.

Once your large event has passed, just reduce your account to 1 licence.


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