Barcode Search

Event Till -> Settings -> Search

Barcode Search
Note: Barcode search in Imaculum is compatible with regular barcodes and QR codes.

1. Enable Barcodes - Y/N
This enables Imaculum's barcode recognition algorithms.

2. Only show matches - Y/N
Leave enabled for now.

3. Barcode Mode

By sequence - Forwards
Return all photos from the target barcode to the next barcode.
(ie you take the barcode photo, then the photos)

By Sequence - Backwards
Return all the photos from target barcode to previous barcode
(ie you take the photos and THEN the barcode)

By Directory
Return all photos that are in the same directory as the target barcode.
(ie You take a photo of a barcode at some point. The barcode applies to everything in the same directory.)

By Content
Return photos where the photograph CONTAINS the barcode.
(ie you have marathon runners or rowboats on a boating lake and the QR is attached to the actual runner/boat.)
If you have this mode on, then the images containing barcodes are NOT removed from previews.

4. Exact Barcodes Only - Y/N
Leave enabled for now.

5. Limit barcode scope to Directory - Y/N
Leave enabled by now.
Imaculum will currently work with one folder containing barcodes. Future updates will enable barcodes to be located in multiple folders.

6. Allow "Show All' Button - Y/N
'N' will hide the 'Show All' button in the Viewing Station. Useful if you wish to have images that can only be viewed by the holder of the barcode (ie private galleries). See this article for futher instructions to enable private galleries.